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BME Mental Health Community Development Worker (CDW)

Culturally sensitve emotional support for people from BME communities, who live in Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, involving confidential support for individuals.

Support towards individuals and groups within the BME community who experience or at riskof developing mental health conditions.

The service is aimed at:

  • Promoting and protecting good mental health within BME groups
  • Reducing social exclusion and isolation
  • Promoting equality and diversity in mental health care

This is achieved by:

  • Advising on health, mental health and community services
  • Helping individuals access these services
  • Representing service users interest
  • Facilitating access to up to date information
  • Cooperating with communities representative
  • Liaising with regional and network agencies such as health and social services

The service can offer:

  • One to one session
  • International support group events
  • Training as appropriate to BME groups
  • Translation and interpreting in well-grounded cases

For further information contact Ela on : (01493) 842129


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