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Ideas to personalise your safe kit

Decorate the outside.  You could use stickers, paint or “bling” to make it feel yours.

Let people who are close to you (and you trust) know that you are working on reducing and stopping your self harm and ask them to write positive and encouraging notes to you to include in your kit.  You can read these when you feel low, and vulnerable to self harm urges.

Use your senses to comfort you. Put a small item in the kit for each sense; touch, taste, sight, sound and smell – you’ll have to be creative to find small items which bring you comfort, but it can be done.

Make a worry doll –Telling your worries to someone always helps, but what if there is no one around when you need them, or you just can’t tell anyone that worry just yet? See our self harm downloads page for easy to follow instructions on how to make a worry doll, then you’ll always have someone to share your worries with.

List reasons why you want to reduce or stop your self harm on the sticker in the bottom of the tin.

Check out positive images, quotes or sayings – there are some amazing ones on the internet – find one which means something to you.  Print them or copy words out and keep them in your kit.

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