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What’s a Self Harm Safe Kit?

What’s a Self Harm Safe Kit™?


Aim: To reduce self harm activity in young people by promoting safer alternatives to be able to cope in more positive ways. 

The safe kit is a small tin providing safer alternative strategies and self harm reduction (and delay) techniques that can be used on reflection, reducing the need to self harm in the moment or on impulse.  It also gives young people a useful tool to express or convey the reasoning behind their self harming or when they need to seek medical attention if they find it difficult to convey this verbally.

 It is informative and easy to read, it is small enough to keep hidden on ones person.

 Contents of the kit:

         Positive “stay strong” message and support information inside lid

        Booklet (can be personalised by individual) containing information on reduction, distractions, safer alternatives, keeping safe, support contacts

        Self harm report card: for use at GP/A&E reception to avoid embarrassment/anxiety around seeking treatment

        Antiseptic wipe

 The innovation in the project is in the delivery (as opposed to the content) of the information. 

The information in the kit is widely available to young people; through face to face visits with clinicians, and through websites, face to face and telephone support.  

However, these methods do not tackle the two prominent issues around supporting young people to reduce/cease self harm activity: 

        Young people self harm privately, when they are alone, most vulnerable to negative thinking and poor motivation to change; and not in sessions with clinicians

        Self harm in young people can be an impulsive act done “in the moment” with little thought


The tin is a physical prompt to the young person to challenge their urges to self harm. 

It promotes young people being responsible: helping themselves to challenge their own thoughts and behaviours; and encourage safer alternatives when away from their clinical support.


ImportantThis is not a “quit” kit.  You will need to be committed to reducing/stopping your self harm behaviour and it is likely that you will also need support, from a professional or trusted person in your life, to address any underlying issues which are fuelling the self harm urges.

Self Harm Toolkit™ for Self Harm is registered in the name of Great Yarmouth and Waveney Mind under the provisions of Registered Designs Act 1949 – Registration Number 4042700

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